Streamline Energy Projects with Location Intelligence

  • Renewable Energy Siting & Suitability
  • Electric Transmission Siting 
  • Renewable & Natural Gas Pipeline Routing 
  • Environmental Impact Analytics 
  • Custom Data Acquisition
Pivvot Siting Suitability Permitting


What's New at Pivvot: Site Sketch & Soil Behavior Class

Pivvot Site Sketch

From analyzing soil density and type to sketching out preliminary site design, we’re now offering more functionality to help developers and engineers. 

Pivvot is Now a Terracon Company

Pivvot has joined Terracon, bringing together industry-leading location intelligence with multidiscipline engineering consulting services to enhance project delivery for energy-sector clients.

Geotechnical 101 Webinar Series

Pivvot is joined in our recent webinar series by Terracon’s subject matter experts who describe the characteristics and background of geotechnical engineering, while also discussing how Pivvot’s solution can be utilized to save budget and time during the site selection process as well as other geological issues of which geotechnical professionals should be informed.

Data & Analytics to Understand the Area Surrounding Your Project

  • Automated Permitting Reports
  • Crossing & Impact Reports
  • Smart Parcel Reports 
  • Cost Surface & Suitability Reports
Siting Suitability Permitting from Pivvot


Identify Solar Sites Faster than Other Developers


Using Pivvot, you can conduct preliminary site analysis and assess nearby interconnects in a matter of minutes from anywhere.

Save 50% on Electric Transmission Site Analysis

Electric Transmission

The team generated multiple routes and was able to select the least-cost, minimal impact option. With Pivvot, they’ve seen over 50% savings on project schedule time.

Quickly Analyze Permit Requirements & Assess Environmental Risks

Environmental Impact Assessment Software

With Pivvot, they moved the project to a nearby, suitable location that reduced the number of permits required and helped avoid environmental impact risk.

Understand Historical Lightning Data to Lower Grid Risks

Pivvot Data Constulants

Pivvot was able to locate, prepare and deliver the data in less than two weeks, shaving time off the project and ensuring as swift delivery to the end-client.


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Brookfield Renewable

“With Pivvot, we saved over three months of manual data collection and analysis. Pivvot’s software delivered the data and insight we needed to start our project sooner and saved us a significant investment.” – Gas Project Manager, Xcel Energy