Location intelligence to analyze the area surrounding your railway with parcel, environmental, and societal data at your fingertips.

Railroad Location Intelligence
Location Intelligence for Railroad


  • ROW Inspection and Analysis Support: Evaluate system conditions and environmental risks with location intelligence
  • Immediate Response: Get answers in minutes and better understand incident impacts via Pivvot data and Smart reporting
  • Scheduled Maintenance Support: Understand risks around the track or downstream to support capital budget planning for track-related infrastructure.  
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Data Consulting
Make Decisions Swiftly

Deliver reliable data to decision makers, crews and the public to minimize catastrophic loss and quickly deploy remediation efforts during incidents.

Identify Risk
Identify and Avoid Risks

Analyze and monitor conditions and activity near and along your asset to identify derailment and oil spill risk.

Siting & Routing Solutions

Conduct virtual site and route analysis to assess property ownership, identify abandoned wells, and evaluate protected areas.

Pivvot Crossing & Routing Analysis


  • Support environmental & regulatory services cost estimating and planning with the Pivvot platform
  • Identify and analyze risks on current projects and operations
  • Complete fast-paced bid reviews quickly to get ahead of the competition
  • Understand permitting requirements earlier in the project lifecycle
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  • Cost Estimating Support: Quickly quantify the number of stream crossings, slope calculations, road crossing counts, with Pivvot Data and Smart Reporting
  • Constructibility Reviews Support:  Is this project even constructible? Understand the indirect and direct construction and environmental risks
  • Project Collaboration: Share information with your team with dashboard reporting and map-based visualization
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Railroad location intelligence