Pivvot streamlines siting, suitability and permitting for energy infrastructure projects. Check out our case studies to learn how our customers save significant time and money.


Black & Veatch Logo
Black & Veatch: Site Analysis in the Cloud

Black & Veatch is working in new ways and forming new partnerships to exceed client expectations. To deliver additional value to their clients, they are leveraging technology from Pivvot to conduct virtual site analysis of electric transmission projects and environmental studies. During our webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Best practices for site analysis
  • Common pitfalls of site analysis
  • How to do a “virtual site analyses” 

The webinar is approximately 30 minutes long. 

Audubon Companies Logo
Audubon Companies: Deliver Better Cost Estimates & Higher Value

To help its organization reduce project costs, enhance efficiencies, and improve project delivery, Audubon Companies implemented the Pivvot platform leveraging Amazon Web Services.

Pivvot helped Audubon by providing data accessibility, transparency, and speed. The data-rich analyses and reporting features were instrumental in delivering further value to Audubon’s customers.

The webinar is approximately 25 minutes long. 


Redeux Energy: Site Selection

Pivvot helped Redeux launch into an extremely competitive market and secure leases thanks to its highly accurate data and its intuitive, fast, and smart siting solution.

Audubon Case Study: Cost Estimation
Audubon Case Study

To help its organization reduce project costs, enhance efficiencies, and improve project delivery, Audubon Companies implemented the Pivvot platform.

Pivvot Map Books: Access Nine Regions
Pivvot MapBooks

We’ve identified the most critical data sources you need when planning a new construction or asset maintenance project in nine regions of the United States.

Audubon Case Study: Pipeline Routing
Audubon Pipeline Routing Case Study

Learn how Audubon Companies and expediting pipeline routing projects and deliver high-quality analysis with Pivvot.

Pivvot eBook: Access. Analyze. Act.
Pivvot Cloud Based Analysis

In our ebook, we examine how our tools simplify the process of collecting and analyzing critical data by leveraging cloud-based geoprocessing power. 

Our Data is the Difference Whitepaper
Pivvot Location Data

In this paper, you’ll learn how Pivvot’s data supports reducing risk and lowering costs for energy and transportation companies.