The Pivvot platform streamlines siting, suitability analysis and permitting with location intelligence – reducing project schedules by over 50% and saving money.

Renewable Development Solutions


Data Visualization
  • Upload asset or third-party data to view and area of interest
  • Extend our database with your subject matter expertise
  • Turn on and off data layers for any location across the United States
  • Download Pivvot data for an area of interest to use in any system
  • Collaborate with your team, customers and third-parties on a simple, fast and familiar map.
Analysis Solutions
  • Siting Analysis: Speed up renewable energy development projects and get to market faster
  • Project Analysis: Drop a location, draw a polygon or a route and gain a detailed understanding of your surroundings
  • Routing Analysis: Generate point-to-point preferred routes utilizing our data, platform and your criteria in record time
Reports & Analytics
  • Crossing & Impact Report: Evaluate crossing lengths and critical impacts for any linear corridor
  • Permit Report: Analyze the jurisdictional boundaries surrounding your project and generate a list of necessary permits
  • Parcel Report: Immediately generate detailed parcel reports outlining critical attributes for development projects
  • Cost Surface Report: Generate a cost surface to visualize suitability for your energy project


Pivvot streamlines siting, routing and permitting, reducing project schedules by 50% and saving money.

Pivvot Platform Step 1

Step 1: Get Pivvot Subscription

  • Instantly access endangered species, parcels, and wetlands data
  • View social vulnerability and political boundaries
  • Upload, draw or generate sites and assets
Pivvot Platform Step 2

Step 2: Deliver Defendable Design

  • Provide crossing and impact reports to regulatory, environmental, and engineering Teams
  • Avoid permitting issues and environmental constraints
  • Model multiple sites and scenarios to demonstrate due diligence
Pivvot Platform Step 3

Step 3: Improve Project Planning

  • Improve building materials lists and cost estimation
  • Identify permits earlier in the project lifecycle
  • Evaluate site alternatives to avoid environmental and landowner issues
Pivvot Platform Step 4

Step 4: Accelerate Schedules & Save Money

  • Save months of manual data collection and analysis
  • Generate preferred routes & conduct site analysis in hours
  • Reduce time in field and permitting delays
Cyber security

Safety & Security

Keep your data safe with private cloud space, explicit firewalls, SSL encryption and stringent authentication controls.

Pivvot for Engineering and Construction

Affordable & Scalable

Reduce IT support, eliminate hardware, and allow your storage/usage to grow as needed using our cloud-based location intelligence software.


Reliable & Protected

Enjoy peace of mind with 99.9% uptime, regular vulnerability and security tests, and redundant failover strategies.


From the field to the boardroom, project stakeholders use Pivvot to:

  • Understand what’s surrounding an asset or a proposed site
  • Evaluate suitability and permitting requirements
  • Capture field collected data to support project studies
  • Identify areas of greatest risk or concern 

Watch our video to learn how we securely deliver parcel, environmental and engineering data to teams across an enterprise to support collaboration. 

gen-tie Routing


Pivvot provides location data and analytic solutions to streamline siting, routing, and permitting to support our nations transition to renewable energy. Schedule a demo to understand how we can support workflows for:

  • Renewable Developers
  • Power Utilities
  • Natural Gas Utilities
  • Engineering & Construction Firms
  • Environmental Services