Our data consultants offer decades of Data Management and GIS expertise to help our customers get the information they need. 


We’re data and geospatial nerds who are passionate about sustainability and technology. Our core values are anchored firmly making data accessible and our team is ready to find, acquire, and prepare data for your projects.

Data Consulting

Data Consulting

  • Design and Generate Custom Data
  • GIS & Data System Assessments
  • Develop Integration Workflows
Data Aggregation

Data Acquisition & Aggregation

  • Identify, Collect and Organize New Data Sets
  • Conduct Quality & Accuracy Checks 
  • Conduct Data Processing & Preparation for Use
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

  • Collate Relevant Data to Derive Deeper Insights
  • Enhance Data with Spatial Analysis and Geo-processing
  • Publish Integrated Data for Fast Query and Analysis
Workflow Analysis

Workflow Analysis

  • Assess Data Workflows & End Results
  • Optimize Operational Data Flow Efficiency
  • Eliminate Data and Technical Bottlenecks

Data Catalogue Services

  • Implement Effective and Efficient Metadata Strategy
  • Data Inventory and Audit Strategy
  • Data Management Best Practices
User Data

FME Consulting

  • Workbench and Custom Transformer Design
  • FME Best Practices and Technology Transfer
  • FME Cloud Implementation

Use Case: Visualize Communications Towers & Obstacles


Client: EPC

Industry: Telecommunications

Problem Statement: Acquire Communications Tower & Obstacle Locations and Visualize in a Map

To support a telecom siting project conducted by a large EPC,  Pivvot was asked to find and prepare communications tower and obstacle data. The project required large format (30ft or taller) communications towers (regulated by the Federal Communications Commission – FCC) and Digital Signal and Flight Obstacles (as mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration – FAA). 

Pivvot went in search of the data and curated a complete data set from roughly 15 sources of information. The data includes microwave, cellular, industrial/business private radio, AM/FM/TV, private land mobile, and Maritime/aviation broadcast and communication towers. The obstacle data is comprised of antenna structures registered with the FCC and FAA, the locations of licensed and built towers, and towers submitted for construction.

Pivvot was able to find, prepare and deliver the data via our platform in less than week, reducing the project schedule significantly. 

Use Case: Lower Risks with Lightning Data

Pivvot Data ConstulantsClient: Integrity Services Firm

Industry: Oil & Gas Pipeline Transmission

Problem Statement: Acquire Lightening Strike Data to Inform Risk Management

On a recent risk management project, an Integrity Management Firm needed to calculate the likelihood of lightning strike on a segment of pipe. They came to Pivvot to acquire historical lightning data in the area. The Pivvot data services team researched multiple data sources and delivered the most quality information for the project.

Pivvot was able to locate, prepare and deliver the data in less than two weeks, shaving time off the project and ensuring as swift delivery to the end-client.


“We’ve partnered with Pivvot to provide continuously up-to-date data in a cloud-based platform to our experts, allowing them to focus on more technical work.”  ~ Melissa Miller, GIS Manager at Spec Services

Pivvot Data Consultants



Our Data is the Difference explains how Pivvot’s data supports reducing risk and lowering costs for energy and transportation companies.

Inside our paper you’ll find the following:

  • A deep dive into the comprehensive and quality data Pivvot maintains
  • Our approach to data acquisition and management
  • How to ensure data is high quality and fit to be used in decision making