Welcome to our Webinars Page, where expertise meets innovation in  renewable energy and infrastructure development. Whether you’re looking to accelerate your renewable energy projects or evaluate your site suitability for various ventures, our expert-led sessions provide the tools and strategies you need.  

Mastering NEPA Requirements

Acting on a project before the NEPA process is carried out can put the entire project at risk, and navigating the complexity and triggers can be challenging during site selection and design.

The Cost of "Free" Data

In today’s world of information abundance, leveraging “free” data for decision-making seems like a no-brainer. However, the reality is far more intricate than it seems.

Don't Sink Your Project Before it Starts: Karst Identification

Does the thought of your next project disappearing into the ground keep you up at night? Join Karst expert Josh Valentino for an overview of karst, risk identification, case study discussions, and Q&A.

Building Resilient Solutions: Utilizing Geodesign to Minimize Risk

Are you seeking ways to enhance pre-construction and project planning? This webinar will guide you through the application of Geodesign to optimize your decision-making process.

Accelerate Your Renewable Energy Projects: Utilizing Technology to Maximize Success

Success in renewable energy projects hinges on making informed, data-driven decisions swiftly and efficiently. Watch this webinar to learn how the latest technologies can give you a competitive advantage in accelerating your renewable energy projects.

Solar Site Characterization & Engineering

Solar Subject Matter Expert, Tamara Hashimoto, P.E., is a geotechnical engineer who will teach you what every geotechnical engineer wishes you knew during solar site selection. How does the depth of bedrock, soft clays, and other factors impact project site configurations, schedules, and budgets?

Optimizing Electric Transmission Routing

Optimizing Electric Transmission Routing: Key Considerations for Planning, Permitting, & Evaluations with Pivvot.

It's Not Dirt, It's Soil

Two geotechnical experts will walk you through their roles during the geotechnical phase of the project lifecycle. Learn how these subject matter experts evaluate subsurface conditions, characterize a site, and provide engineering recommendations and consultation services in order to align design elements and site mitigation techniques to the owner’s needs and risk tolerances.

How to Give the Green Light on Your Next Site

Hear from subject matter experts that know how to help you better understand site conditions, and their impacts, earlier than ever before. Rob Hernandez, a geotechnical engineer of 15+ years, will help take your team through how to use data to give the green light on your next site.

Site Suitability Made Easy

A brief overview of how Pivvot helps developers identify sites faster and how we help pre-construction teams save time when analyzing suitability with comprehensive data and consistent results.

Introducing Pivvot Siting

Our webinar will demonstrate how Pivvot streamlines wind, solar, battery and distributed energy site analysis with location intelligence.

Renewable Siting for Small-Medium Business

In this special edition of Pivvot Live, we’ll discuss how we support small-med renewable developers, engineering firms, and local utilities. Watch how we streamline renewable development siting, suitability and permitting.

Facility Site Assessments

Watch the round table to learn how to reduce project schedules by 50%, a faster way to access hundreds of data sets on-demand, and how to conduct virtual analysis to drastically cut time spent in the field.